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Safbrew WB-06


This typical yeast strain is recommended for wheat beer fermentations and produces subtle estery and phenol flavour notes such as clove notes typical of wheat beers.

Safbrew WB-06

Allows to brew beer with a high drinkability profile and presents a very good ability to suspend during fermentation.


Beers To Brew: Traditional Heffeweizen beers, Dunkelweizen, Weizenbocks, Belgian Wit.  |  Attenuation: 86%  |  Temperature Range of 12-25°C ideally 18-24°C, (for clover flavours it should be below 22°C and for banana flavours above 23°C)  |  Fermentation: Ideally at 18-24°C (64-75°F).  |  Total Bacteria of less than 5/ml and high flocculation.  |  Pitching rate 1.5 g per 23 L at 20°C.  |  Storage: 36 months from the production date. Store in cool (< 10°C/50°F), dry conditions.


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Weight 11.5 g
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 20 cm


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